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Part A: Body Health

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Solutions for Low Energy – Regardless of one’s Age!  Dr. Steven Gundry

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The 3 Deadliest Drinks to Drink – Reverse Type 2 Diabetes

Watch out – this Drink Destroys bones and Joints Bone Dissolving Foods Seniors Must Avoid

Thousands of folks are turning to THIS herbal brew now proven to reverse Type II diabetes.
Why?  Well, according to over 19 medical studies from around the world…
People who drank this herbal brew with breakfast…
Balanced out their blood sugar by lunchtime…
Enjoyed more energy all day long… With zero cravings at all.



Cholesterol is the often misunderstood “villain” of heart disease. It’s time we bust some of the big myths about cholesterol and heart disease:

5 Common Myths About Cholesterol

Do you have one of these 3 weird symptoms of an oncoming heart attack?

You may think that you should be looking for pressure or pain in your chest, shortness of breath, or pain in your arm.

But these little-known symptoms could be warning you even if you don’t have any other typical symptoms….

Heart Attack Blocker – Dr. Holly Lucille ND

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Improve Vision in 7 Seconds — It’s a little-known vision secret

A 7-second eyesight trick which can naturally improve your ability to see in just minutes. Professional baseball players do it…Optometrists across the nation now recommend it. Scientists at the University of Georgia recently announced it can help sharpen far-distance, near-distance, and low-light vision.

One person even reversed macular degeneration!  

Eye bags gone in 7 minutes Cholesterol –

Cause of deteriorating vision – The Navajo solution – 20/20 Vision System Review Reveals Navajo’s Natural Vision …

How to get rid of Bags Under Your Eyes

What to do about Decaying Vision

Imagine no more squinting just to read text messages, or struggling to see while driving at night without risky surgeries, expensive lenses, or lab-made pills with scary side-effects?

Most Americans are simply clueless to this weird scientific fact about your eyes…

And the true cause behind your fading vision (it has NOTHING to do with getting older)

In fact, this US doctor challenged a billion-dollar industry just to get this information out.

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Prevent Hair Loss

Researchers have discovered an unusual nutrient that STOPS hair loss.
Even more, it has been proven to grow NEW hair too!
You simply take one spoonful after breakfast…

The hidden cause of tingling, itching, and numbness in your feet and hands!

The Miracles of Ozone Therapy —


An enlarged prostate can be a living nightmare.  It’s painful, inconvenient, and embarrassing – and it strips you of your masculinity.

The Main Reason Even Healthy/Physically fit individuals have Heart Attacks and die unexpectedly (1) Cardio Clear 7

Heart Attacks: Be sure to eat this spice for a fast fix. Dr. Ryan Shelton

12 steps to help handle a Heart Attack

Nearly 50% of all Americans will develop heart disease, and it’s the #1 most deadly disease on the planet. But you don’t have to be part of that statistic!

The good news is that the right diet and lifestyle can slash your risk of cardiovascular disease by 80% or MORE.

If you have (or think you have) high blood pressure, the best time to get it under control was yesterday.

Why? Because according to the CDC, blood pressure was a primary or contributing cause of death for almost 500,000 Americans in just 2018 alone.

It dramatically increases your risk for heart disease and stroke and either you can be in control of it… or it will be in control of you.

Tips for Lowering your Blood Pressure

Since the 1930s, natural doctors have been on a quest to find the “Holy Grail” of pain relief…

I’m talking about a remedy that blesses you with the pain-killing rush of opioid drugs like morphine… but without the risk of addiction or overdose.

Little did they know, a Columbia University MD already found the “Holy Grail” back in the 1970s.


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It is highly suggested that you read Life Force by Tony Robbins – new best selling  book about Longevity.  All MD based. 

How to achieve Greater Longevity – the reason Icelander’s have the greatest longevity.


Razor Sharp Memory => 7-Second daily ritual for razor sharp memory (start today)

Why does most CBD FAIL to actually calm your mind, reduce stress, and soothe aching joints?
“A Cure For Everything?” – Seattle Times
“Drift off naturally and have undisturbed sleep…” The Sun
“…Improve mental health” – Chicago Tribune

David Effrig – – The Benefits of Ozone Therapy

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Not Available At This Time – The Miracle of Real Weight Loss

Healthy Weight Loss —

Part B: Finances




D: THE SUPERIOR INVESTMENT (and why it really is)

E: ANNUITIES: Greatly improved over the last few

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F: THE STOCK MARKET- Where it’s going?

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Part C: Additional Info