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Here’s a very quick bio of my four “claims to fame”:

1. I have been a successful licensed insurance agent since 1991; with an unbeaten 175 year sales record at one of the three largest life insurance companies in the US.

2. I am a business consultant, specializing in identifying & prioritizing the key marketing objectives that will produce the greatest results for any company. This expertise partially came about from being a major principal at a Chicago based company that had 1400 employees when I sold my interest. When I started at the company we had 335 employees.

3. I am also a Relationship Specialist for the last 21 years, who has helped literally thousands of people improve their relationships by providing them with the key tools needed to do so.

I’ve written five books – the latest at Amazon - “The Quest for Compatibility & the Demise of Divorce” & my online course, “Are You Creating or Destroying Your Relationships?” is available at and can help almost anyone be assured of having a long-term successful relationship.

4. And last, but far from least, I have been a very fortunate husband to have found the woman I was looking for. We’ve now been married for 45 years abd most of them very happily. Together we have raised 7 good productive children who have blessed us with 15 grandchildren.