How to Repair A Broken Relationship – Be it Friends, Family Members, or co-workers?

There are several little known tools that can resolve the relationship problems in one’s life.

  • Over 53% of all marriages end up in Divorce; that’s 800,000 per month in the U.S. In most cases, these tools can repair them.
  • Parents who don’t talk to their adult children.
  • Having a desire to fix the relationship is required. 
  • Years of neglect make it difficult to start anew.
  • Millions of people have walked down the slippery slope of a failing relationship.

Three critera are needed:
A) a desire to repair a relationship,

B) a high level of comittment to start anew and succeed in correcting a fractured relationship.
C) the knowledge and correct use of these relationship tools.  

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    Are You Creating or Destroying your Relationships?
  • In 95% of all cases you will be able to put relationships back together and know how to keep it together.  In 5% of the cases the tools  won’t – we’ll tell you why.
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Respectfully, Ben Kugler & Ken Bebee